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PORON® Urethane Foams

Poron Urethane Foams

An Introduction to PORON®

PORON® is a particular type of urethane foam developed by Rogers Corporation. Formulated for exceptionally elastic and highly predictable performance, an open structure provides superior recovery characteristics. PORON® has a pore density of around 240 per linear inch, making it an excellent choice for many gasketing applications.

Good chemical resistance lets it resist cleaning solvents while low outgassing avoids screen fogging and odors. Being a flame retardant material, it's also good in situations where fire is a possibility, as with electrical systems.

PORON® is available in a range of grades of firmness to suit the application needs, in thicknesses up to 1/2” and with densities from 9 to 30 pcf. It makes a good alternative to silicone in many applications. PORON® is also easy to work with, die-cutting readily with good edge finish and will take an adhesive coating for ease of installation.

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Application Guidelines
Gaskets made from PORON® foam offer advantages in many different sealing applications. Examples include:

  • Enclosure doors, such as control panels and cabinets.
  • Access panels used to reach pumps, motors and measurement equipment that must be shielded from view or reach.
  • Doors into environmental chambers, refrigerators, freezers and ovens.
  • Wet benches, fume hoods and similar equipment used in laboratories.
  • Consumer appliances, where they fill gaps and prevent plastic pieces from rubbing.
  • Automotive interiors and underhood applications, providing cushioning and low outgassing.
  • Electronic, consumer, industrial and scientific products, can all use PORON® for impact resistance and sealing.

Applications involved prolonged exposure to moisture are not recommended. While occasional lighting splashing is acceptable, PORON® is not suitable for washdown and marine environments so it should only be used indoors.

Excellent Gasket Properties
Compressibility lets foam conform to a gap that may vary, making it a good choice for sealing and gasketing. Recovery performance is also usually a requirement, in which case it makes sense to consider PORON® urethane foam. PORON® has a range of properties making it an excellent choice as a gasket material. Learn more about how PORON® could benefit your application by contacting Merryweather to schedule a discussion.

(PORON is a licensed trademark of Rogers Corporation.)


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